Your child is our child - Staindrop Academy

Ethos & Values


Your Child is Our Child

The quality of educational experience that every child receives must be of equal quality to that you would expect for your own child.


Broad range of Experiences:       

Wide range of accessible opportunities available to every child.

Every Child Matters (Rucksack): 

Every child has the chance to fulfil their potential and we place relationships at the heart of our day to day practice.  We continuously put things in the ‘rucksack’.

Guided Professional Autonomy:  

Having the ability to make decisions and the freedom to act in accordance with professional knowledge and ability.

Aggregation of marginal gains:    

Identification of areas in which we can make small gains, which all add up something much greater for the students.

Will it Make the Boat go Faster?  

If it’s not going to improve the education for students, we don’t do it.