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Special Educational Needs

The Academy’s SEN Policy is in line with the 2014 Code of Practice and is available on request. The main emphasis is Inclusive Education and our SEND Department drive inclusive provision through our ‘NICE’ Principle.

We believe that we can achieve “academic and personal development for all, regardless of ability” by being NICE – Naturally Inclusive, Caring and Equal.

This foundation principle establishes positive and inclusive learning environments to ensure all students have access to the Academy’s curriculum, whether that is subject or intervention based.

Provision depends on the nature of a given need and could include:

in-class, one-to-one or small group support
small group withdrawal focusing on numeracy, literacy, spelling or reading and need based interventions
differentiated work in class and/or an adapted curriculum
Social communication skills intervention
external agency support
During their time at school, many students will experience a special educational need which may relate to learning, health or emotional factors. If you have any specific concerns about your son or daughter, please contact our SENDCo – Mrs Black.


As well as making every effort to ensure that the school site is safe and secure, there are stringent checks made on all applicants for posts at the school. All staff have been trained in Child Protection and we have three highly qualified Designated Officers : all adults are fully aware of their duty of care.

Within the Inspire curriculum, students are taught about keeping safe in various situations and there is a constant focus on e-safety in ICT lessons.

High Attaining Students

The school is committed to supporting all of our students, whatever ability, in achieving their potential. Those students who are identified as being more academically able are nominated for a register and are closely monitored to ensure the right level of challenge in their work. Many students benefit from the special events and masterclasses provided through the support programme for targeted groups.


Bullying, in whatever form, is unacceptable at our school and will be dealt with severely. It destroys confidence and makes people feel vulnerable so we strive to create a climate where bullying behaviour is NOT acceptable to any member of the school community. We believe that students have the right to be happy and safe, to be themselves and to enjoy peace of mind.

We aim:
  • to counter bullying behaviour
  • to give help and support to those who have been bullied
  • to use students of the school as a positive resource against bullying behaviour, such as our Peer Support Group.
We expect from parents and pupils:
  • no tolerance of bullying behaviour and active support for the school’s anti-bullying policy
  • a willingness to report any instances of, or suspicion of, bullying

Any issues are dealt with quickly, sensitively and effectively.